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Brokenness in people shows up in behaviors. Behaviors form a society. As Believers in Jesus Christ we are commissioned to impact and transform society around us.  
Here in Morrow County, we see brokenness hindering lives in primarily three behaviors: Poverty, Addiction, and Broken Relationships.
In March of 2021 a network of churches began meeting to face these, and to put our faith in action. Coming together in unity is truly a grassroots move of God.
As we face Poverty, Addiction, and Broken Relationships—we have been asking each other…
  1. What are things we are already doing as individual churches to address these issues?
  2. What are other things that can be done now? 
  3. What are things we can do better working together?

By the direction of God, these discussions are leading us to unified action. This website is designed in hopes to assist us all with this network process.

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Break the cycle


Break the cycle

Broken Relationships

Break the cycle

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